Sharing Gratitude and More for April 2017

The practice of setting aside time each day to recognize and express my gratitude for all my blessings has changed my life over the last four years. It was a simple, easy addition to my daily schedule and has woven its influence into all areas of my life.

Some of the things I'm grateful for right now include Spring mornings and bright sunshine sparkling over dew-covered new grasses, cool mornings and warm afternoons, living in "horse country" and seeing new foals dance in open fields as they stretch their legs and joyfully celebrate being who and what and when they are.

I'm also grateful for my walks with my forever friend, Grail, and how she shows me the best part of me every Saturday and Sunday morning, for her curiosity and exuberance, her joy in the moment and willingness to change a plan on a dime. I can get pretty attached to "the plan of action" and get rigid in my dutiful adherence, not seeing a better way or a more efficient way - or just the way that brings the most fun. Spirit brings that to me in the form of Grail.

As we were walking this morning, passing by a house that inspired a talk I gave at Ahava recently, I marveled again at the everyday miracle that is the Creative Process. I looked at the addition on my neighbor's house and tried to remember what the yard had looked like a year ago when the addition had not yet been constructed. I couldn't remember but I knew that where there is a large, two-story structure now, there was simply air last year.

So knowing that Spirit is always creating something out of apparent nothing through the ideas that inspire us to take action and that everything is already so in Divine Mind, did that structure that was so in evidence to me this morning, actually already exist there a year ago but remained unrevealed to me until a time when I could see it? Are the good intentions and marvelous dreams and ideas that I have right now, just waiting for me in the next steps I take? Knowing that I was called into being intentionally and specifically by the Creator of all there is - and that we each are - I realized that my Big Life really is at hand. It is right here and right now in every step I take and every breath and heartbeat!

Wow! That was a message I'm so grateful I heard! Thank you, Life!

Peace and blessings. :)

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