Prayer Offered, March 2017

God is the all inclusiveness of Life. I recognize this powerful presence operating in, through and as me. In Oneness, I co-create my life by consciously and constructively thinking thoughts that correspond to my desired outcome. Every thought is creative and originates in the Mind of God.

This infinite source and power is instilled in all beings and makes all things possible. The creative process is active and operating in my life in every moment - It beats my heart and breathes my breath.

I consciously co-create my gift of a life by planting ideas in Universal Mind where mental law acts upon thought and creates corresponding form. I use this creative process in all areas of life, including relationships, employment, problem solving

As I accept and use this power within me, I am grateful for Its' infectious nature. As I receive, I am giving gifts of Spirit through my recognition that God, as goodness, is all there is.

With a grateful heart, I release this prayer into Universal Mind, knowing all beings grow and expand in this Truth.

And so It is.

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