Sixty-Four Ways in Sixty-Four Days

The objectives of the Season are to: “create an awareness of nonviolent principles and practice as a powerful way to heal, transform and empower our lives and communities. Through an educational and community action campaign, we have recognized those who are using nonviolence to build a community that honors the dignity and worth of every human being. By identifying ‘what works’ in these new models for reconciliation and human harmony, we are demonstrating that every person can move the world in the direction of peace through their daily nonviolent choice and action.”

One of the basic practices suggested by the Season for Non-Violence is committing to the “Sixty-Four Ways in Sixty Four days” affirmations—a set of daily affirmations that helps individuals look within and contemplate ways each one of us can be a non-violent presence in the world. This year, as the Season for Non-Violence begins, I invite you to take up this challenge and contemplate the ways in which you are violent in the world, to yourself or others, whether in thought, word or deed, and commit to a non-violent way of living.

Now, more than ever, when our country appears divided, when it seems as if darkness prevails, it is time to be the light. It is time to unite around what we have in common. Today, reach out to someone whose views are different and really listen. We won’t long survive if we retreat into enclaves surrounded only by like-minded people. I have succumbed lately to a closed up heart. But, I am committed to opening it, to softening it, to throwing open my arms. I invite you to join me.

As a start, here are the affirmations for the first ten days of the season. For more information, check out the website:

Day 1, Jan 30: Today, I contemplate Mahatma Gandhi’s statement: “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”

Day 2, Jan 31: Today, I reflect on what peace means to me.

Day 3, Feb 1: Today, I eliminate all self-deprecating joking and sarcasm.

Day 4, Feb 2: Today, I affirm my value and worth with positive "self talk" and refuse to put myself down.

Day 5, Feb 3: Today, I strive to learn from my mistakes without self criticism or judgment.

Day 6, Feb 4: Today, I forgive myself.

Day 7, Feb 5: Today, I practice self-compassion.

Day 8, Feb 6: Today, I let go of one thought or behavior that no longer serves my highest concept of myself.

Day 9, Feb 7: Today, I live in the present moment and release the past.

Day 10, Feb 8: Today, I find one way to “treat” myself to a peace-filled experience.

Peace be with you.

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