Prayers Offered for December 2016

Knowing right now that Spirit is everywhere present, that there is no place that Spirit is not, no thing that is not the essence and creation of Spirit, that Spirit always has been and always will be. I know Spirit as the timeless, formless essentiality of all there is. It is THE One Life back of all things known and unknown, both Creator and creation, never consumed by its infinite expansion and awareness and creativity. It is never depleted or destroyed or absent from anything. There is NO thing outside this infinite and divine Oneness. I know this Oneness as Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy and Wholeness.

As I know that It exists everywhere completely and perfectly, that It has Its being in, through and as every thing, I know that same Love, Peace, Wholeness, Joy and Abundance live in, through and as me as I am a unique expression of that One Life, that thing I call Spirit is the essence of me. I know that this is the Truth of all things and all beings. I know that we are all indeed rooted in and expressing as this One divine and perfect Life and that divine Love, Peace, Joy, Abundant Prosperity and Wholeness are the Truth expressing as each and all of us. I breathe into this Truth and accept It without reservation or hesitation. I stand in that place of complete surrender to the Goodness of all things knowing that there is no fear, chaos, brokenness, emptiness or lack in the One Life and I allow those illusions to fall away from my consciousness, letting go of all that does not serve my Highest Good.

I give thanks for this Truth and claim all the good that Spirit intends for me now.

I gratefully accept my good right here, right now, and release this prayer into Divine Mind knowing that the Universe responds instantaneously and immediately.

And so It is!

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