Coincidence or... ??

I am compelled to write this article to share how three people, that I did not know, who knew me, came to help me when my trailer had a flat tire. On Wednesday, June 15th Megan McGee and I left the camp ground at Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee, heading home for Lexington. We had travelled about one hour and were on I26 when I had a right tire blow out on my camper. I pulled to the side of the road and called AAA for roadside assistance. After about 25 minutes of phone conversations I was advised the roadside assistance would not be able to be there for 1 ½ hours. It was hot, humid and we had our animals with us. The cars and trucks zoomed by and not one person stopped to offer assistance. Megan and I decided we would go ahead and start changing the tire instead of waiting for the AAA assistance. Both of us commented on how strange it was that nobody had stopped to offer help.

As we were hunched under the camper deciding where to set the jack a man’s voice said “Do you need any help?” The man approached and began to take charge of the situation. The man asked “Weren’t you just camping at Roan Mountain State Park?” It turned out he and his wife were at the same campground and recognized Megan and I due to the unusual trailers we own. Minutes later, two firemen emerged from a firetruck that had pulled over, and walked up to us and offered to help. They sent the man and his wife on their way and changed the tire for me. Given the long drive we still had ahead, and the lack of a spare tire, it was determined that I needed to buy new tires. The fireman knew of a Firestone store at the next exit and offered to lead us to it. When we arrived I waved good bye to the firemen and pulled into the parking lot. Suddenly, there next to my car was Brian, the fireman. He got the tire numbers and went into the store with me to help. As the owner was in the back looking to see if he had 14 “ tires, I began to tell Brian how amazing it was that of all the vehicles that passed us on I26, the car that stopped were a couple from Roan Mountain’s campground who recognized Megan and I, that we had never met. Brian broke into a huge smile and said “Don’t you recognize me?” It turned out Brian and his family were camping at Roan Mountain too. I had spoken to him the previous Sunday when he was walking his two German Shepherds. He had left the campground Monday, and returned to his job as a fireman in the district one hour away. Two days later he and his co-worker were helping me at the side of I26. Coincidence? Not to me.

The events of that day, that could have been frustrating and ruined my day, turned out to be a blessing and a revelation. I drove home awed by the power of Divine Spirit. That morning I had been questioning where my future was heading. Fear and uncertainty had me in its grip. Then a flat tire became my teacher. Nothing is impossible. Divine Spirit is everywhere I am. It is on I26 right where my camper with a flat tire is. It directs my path; works though others and can bring everything I need. Not only can Spirit bring what I need, It can bring it threefold. The skeptic in me was silenced. None of this was a coincidence. This was a Divine Teaching. There is no limit to the Power of Divine Spirit. The Rhododendron and Flame Azaleas on Roan Mountain were amazing, however, not nearly as amazing as the events on Wednesday, June 15th on Interstate 26 in Tennessee.

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