In addition to Sundays, we provide youth and family outings and activities to provide connection among our families.

Conscious Parenting programs and workshops are offered to support families in bringing spiritual principles into the
everyday lives of our families.

Ahava's Youth and Family Program provides a place where our children are encouraged to discover
and embrace their Divine being. Ahava provides a safe place for children to increase their
self-awareness, self-esteem and spirituality, translating this knowledge into service to the world.
We teach meditation, affirmative prayer, and that love is always the answer. We talk about real-life
issues and the spiritual solutions to every-day adventures.

The youth program is not currently meeting in person due to Covid-19.
To find out more about our monthly at home youth lessons and zoom playdates contact RevRainbow@AhavaCenter.com

Also, scroll down to the photo gallery for links to to watch our Ahava Story Times

on our Youtube channel. 

Meet Amina

Hi, I'm Amina Meade!

I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  In 2000 I began working as a program assistant for the UW-Extension program. I continued to work off and on for the extension program until I graduated from Kentucky State University in 2009.  I graduated with honors and received a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, specializing in photography and painting.  I am a proud parent of four children and currently work as a lead teacher at a child care facility.  I came to Ahava with my family in 2017.  I am very proud to be a member of Ahava and look forward to serving the youth and families in the center as well as in the community.

We offer separate classes and age-appropriate activities for the following age groups-
Truth for Tots (0-4)
Primary (5-8)
Pre-Teens (9-12)
Teen Program Coming Soon!

Ahava Youth Rocks!

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Creating at Ahava
Ahava Story Time
Ahava Story Time
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Ahava Story Time
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Creating at Ahava
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