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In addition to Sundays, we provide youth and family outings and activities to provide connection among our families.

Conscious Parenting programs and workshops are offered to support families in bringing spiritual principles into the
everyday lives of our families.

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Ahava Story Times on our Youtube channel! 

Ahava's Youth and Family Program provides a place where our children are encouraged to discover
and embrace their Divine being. Ahava provides a safe place for children to increase their
self-awareness, self-esteem and spirituality, translating this knowledge into service to the world.
We teach meditation, affirmative prayer, and that love is always the answer. We talk about real-life
issues and the spiritual solutions to every-day adventures.

We offer classes and curriculum  that are age appropriate 0-12.

Teen program coming soon!

Meet Heather!


Heather Marsh-Prelesnik studied Voice and Elementary Education in college and has over twenty years of experience as a professional nanny. Previously Heather served as Co-Youth Director at Unity in Kalamazoo and has been a youth volunteer teacher at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. Heather had the opportunity to facilitate the elementary youth program at CSL's Asilomar Conference in 2008. Heather also has many years of experience teaching voice and theatre to children. Currently Heather is a stay-at-home mom and loving homeschooling her daughter Cadence. 


Heather's personal call and mission is facilitating the growth and development of children's mind, body, and spirit. She is excited to serve as the Youth Coordinator at Ahava because she believes that children learning practical spirituality and empathy at a young age will support them in growing into confident and successful adults.

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Ahava Friends
Ahava Story Time
Creating at Ahava
Creating at Ahava
Ahava Story Time
Ahava Story Time
Ahava Kids
Ahava Story Time
All the Right Tools
Creating at Ahava
Creating at Ahava
Ahava Family
Ahava Family

Ahava Youth Rocks!

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