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The emphasis of this class is on expressing spiritual principles through practical means, to produce a more financially prosperous experience in life!   Specifically, each of us will: develop a greater awareness of God as the source of our Financial Freedom; realize a greater understanding of the principals of Financial Freedom; become clear about our current attitudes and beliefs about money; develop new attitudes and beliefs about money that are in alignment with the principles of truth; and identify the forms of self expression that are in alignment with our financial freedom.

Move beyond the “wishing” stage of utilizing spiritual principles in the management of your financial affairs! There is no great mystery involved in becoming more prosperous. People have been doing it for thousands of years. The secret is to simply realize that all “success principles” are actually “spiritual principles,” regardless of what we call them. Therefore, when we consciously recognize the activity of Spirit in practical endeavors, we are empowered to produce even greater results in our lives. The emphasis of this class will be on utilizing practical means, based on spiritual principles, to produce a more financially prosperous experience of life.

Cost: $200, add $45 for certification

Facilitator: Connie Moore, LSP

Where: Ahava Center for Spiritual Living

When: Begins January 11th, 2018 at 6:30pm

Financial Freedom: Duplicating the nature of Spirit in your financial affairs - 8 weeks

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