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Meet Connie Moore, RScP

Connie Moore, RScP

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Connie Moore has attended Ahava Center for Spiritual Living in Lexington, Ky, since the second service in 2009. She knew from that first Sunday that she had found her spiritual home and she became a licensed practitioner in 2013.

Connie considers it a sacred honor and blessing to serve Ahava and her community. She is a regular volunteer at God’s Food Pantry and teaches Financial Freedom classes regularly at Ahava.

Connie is available for personal one-on-one coaching, personal prayer, guided meditations, house blessings, animal blessings, business blessings and memorial services.

Connie sees a world where every soul lives its infinite creativity fearlessly and joyfully. Her mission is to support her beloved Ahava and the greater community through prayer, individual coaching and love and more love -  in living the biggest and best lives imaginable – and then some!

To contact Connie, please complete and send the form below.

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